Iowa's impaired waters list grows 15 percent in 2 years

    A new state report says the number of lakes, rivers and streams in Iowa impaired due to some level of pollution has climbed 15 percent in two years, prompting environmental groups to say Iowa's voluntary farm nutrient reduction strategy isn't working.

    The Iowa Department of Natural Resources says 725 impaired water bodies will be included in a report it must submit to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

    The 2014 number is up from 630 reported in 2012.

    Bacteria and fish kills, largely from manure spills or waste storage leaks from large hog or cattle operations, are the leading river problems.

    Gov. Terry Branstad says he's budgeted $57 million over two years for water quality programs.

    Environmental groups say increased regulation of farm spills and runoff is needed for significant improvements.

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