Consumers seeing rise in egg prices following Bird Flu outbreak

    We all knew it was coming - egg prices have tripled in some grocery stores around the country.

    The U.S. Department of Agriculture says wholesale egg prices have gone up three to 23 cents per dozen due to an outbreak of Bird Flu.

    But the price hike doesn't stop at the grocery store.

    One Quincy restaurant owner says his egg prices have doubled within the last month.

    "Well itâ??s just like anything else. If you have a shortage at one end, everyone has to raise prices to make up for it,â?? Coach House Owner, Al Ebel explained.

    â??Our supplier is saying they can take care of us for however many eggs we want but they aren't accepting any more customers that can take eggs because they are being limited on how many eggs they have and that just automatically drives the price of eggs up," said Ebel.

    Despite the price hike, Ebel says he isn't looking at raising menu prices or cutting back on breakfast hours.

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