Welcome to the Dahl House: Keokuk Star reboots his Hoops Career at John Wood

Keokuk product Jonny Dahl dropped a dozen points in his Tri-State return as the starting Point Guard at John Wood

His has been a bit of a circuitous college journey since his All State Days at Keokuk High School.

Jonny Dahl spent a redshirt year at Division One Stephen F. Austin, recruited to Texas by now Fighting Illini Boss Brad Underwood.

He moved on to Division Two Northern State last some run...but that was not the fit he'd hoped for either.

So in an effort to spin forward a better future....Dahl, noticably bulked up from when last we saw him....has returned to his past.

He opened his one and only season at John Wood on Saturday..and early returns suggest it could be a huge win for both parties here.

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