Running With Purpose: Beardstown's Huey draws inspiration from his Father's fight


Week Five of the High School Football may be as good as it gets in terms of rivalry pairings...

Central/Brown County, QND/Illini West, Jacksonville/Sacred Heart Griffin.

Those three games may dominate the headlines...just don't sleep on the historically impassioned gridiron grudge fest that will be taking place in Beardstown

Tyler Buhlig" If you need help getting up for a game or a practice on Rushville Week, there is something wrong with you as a Football Player."

Cole Huey: "It's incredible. Rushville Week. It's insane."

For Beardstown Fullback Cole Huey, Friday is more than just the most important rivalry game on his schedule. It's a chance to run with purpose. To fight for every yard. And in so doing, to honor the man closest to Cole's own heart. The man who taught him, and continues to teach him every day, about the valor found in struggle.

Cole Huey: "With everything that's going on in my Family Life, with Dad having Cancer and everything, Football really helps. It gives me a lot of motivation to get that extra yard when I'm running. Just for him because I know that's what he lives for and wants to see."

Tyler Buhlig: "He has come out here every day and I think this has kind of been his escape from the things that his Dad is going through. He's really shown how strong of a young man he is through all of this...His Sophomore and Junior Years, I think (Cole) was just kind of happy being out there. This year he's really taken the next step to being our Defensive Stopper and our force out there and also somebody we can depend on running the ball up the middle for good hard chunks of yardage."

Cole Huey: "Last Friday, after the game, they blew that last whistle and I ran to the sidelines yelling "where's my Dad" to just give him a hug because I know that he'd be proud and I just wanted to see him."

Tyler Buhlig:"I think that our other guys see him and what he's dealing with and that he's still out her able to put that all aside for three hours and come out her and give it all he's got. It makes it easier for the rest of the guys to say, you know what, I need to also come out here and give it everything I have too."

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