Mud, Sweat and Tears: Jenn Dancer's Toughest Mudder Odyssey revealed

Jenn (Nobis) Dancer's Toughest Mudder Experience was, in her own words, one of the toughest things she has ever done in the Fitness World. And Jenn has taken on some pretty crazy challenges.

From Quincy High to Mizzou to the World Stage, Jennifer Nobis Dancer's Soccer Career was quite a rare and special feat.

But it is in her second act as an Athlete that both she and her husband Sam , the former QND and WIU Football star, have created quite unique niches for themselves in the Sports World.

And Jenn's latest guise can be seen by a National TV Audience Saturday right here on CBS as she takes part in the Toughest Mudder of All.

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