Hannibal Football considers healthy applicant pool of potential new Head Coaches


It is one of the prestige jobs in all of Tri-State High School Football.

And it appears that sooner, rather than later, the Hannibal Pirate program will be under new management.

Sources close to the process tell KHQA that Hannibal has interviewed seven candidates in all in quest to replace Hall of Famer Mark St Clair, including internal candidates from the existing Pirate Staff.

The architecture of the rest of the seven person applicant pool includes three current Head Coaches from the region, as well as a pair of current assistant coaches seeking the job; one from a Tri-State Program, the other with long ties to our area.

At the outset of this process, Hannibal Athletic Director Clint Graham told KHQA that he planned to move quickly to find the right leader for the program, so expect an expeditious resolution and hire in the coming days.

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