Eastern Missouri Conference welcomes Louisiana High School to the fold


Louisiana's much rumored exit from the Clarence Cannon Conference is now a reality.

Effective 2018, Louisiana joins the Eastern Missouri Conference. Bulldog Athletic Director Ryan Griffin tells KHQA that EMO member schools voted unanimously Wednesday night to welcome his school into membership in a conference of schools in closer geographic proximity to Louisiana and of more similar enrollment size to the Bulldogs.

There is, however, a bit of a catch on the gridiron.

The EMO can't accept Bulldog Football into the conference until 2020.

For both the 2018 and 2019 campaigns, Louisiana will play as an independent.

Griffin was made aware of this contingency early in the process and has since cobbled together a slate of opponents for 2018. Here's a look at how the Bulldogs schedule is expected to look next Fall:

Week One: Mark Twain

Week Two: Van-Far

Week Three: Mideast Home School

Week Four: Hermann

Week Five: Schuyler County

Week Six: Open (negotiating with Mideast Lutheran in Edwardsville)

Week Seven: Paris

Week Eight: Priory

Week Nine: Scotland County

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