2017 KHQA Awards Week: ELI TEN EYCK, Male Fall MVP

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ELI TEN EYCK, Pittsfield Cross Country

RATIONALE: It was indeed a star crossed Senior Fall campaign for Eli Ten Eyck given his injury challenges. And yet the powerful Pittsfield voting block opted to honor him anyway (and for the second straight year) with this award for his perseverance and his dedication to his team even when he was on crutches with a fracture in his ankle. That's just the way the fan vote works, my friends. And a kid of the character of Ten Eyck deserves every honor you can throw his way, so no complaints here even as Eli himself admitted in our interview he felt a little unworthy as a recipient. Yes, Jacob Bryan had a better year overall but you have to credit Eli for fighting his way all the way back to get into the mix in Peoria for State and to still medal in 18th place at nowhere near 100% of his usual performance ability. Short clock, strong comeback all things considered. We also admire the fact that Eli took such a large leadership role for both the Saukee Boys and Girls programs while he was laid up, conducting no-contact coaching periods and training sessions in the pool. Eli was also instrumental in helping to plan and coordinate the inaugural Toby Elledge Invitational this Fall at Lake Pittsfield, the Saukees first ever home meet; a point of pride that underscores the considerable rise in prominence of Pittsfield XC during Eli's tenure. So lets just consider this a lifetime achievement award for a true Pittsfield Hall of Famer, dare I say Cross Country Pioneer at his school and yet another tip of the cap for his Academic/Athletic prowess and high character in doing so. He's really been a class act in every sense of the word and this award is just one more bullet point on an already overflowing resume. Fingers crossed for Eli to have a little better health luck this Spring as he chases the Track and Field 1600 State Title that alluded him by one place a year ago. He's certainly earned the good karma the right way.

Past Winners:

2016-ELI TEN EYCK, Pittsfield Cross Country/DREW CHISHOLM, Quincy High Soccer

2015-RILEY ROTH, Quincy High Soccer

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