Spirit of the Tri-States: Supporting the Dabney cause

Spirit of the Tri-States: Supporting the Dabney cause

In 2010, Tim Dabney's life was changed forever.

The Monroe City Firefighter was told by doctors the one word nobody wants to hear -"cancer".

"You never believe it when you're told," said Dabney.

But Tim Dabney did have to believe it.

Doctors diagnosed him with Acute Myeloid Leukemia, or AML, which is a blood cancer that affects bone marrow.

"I was in Columbia for 8 to 9 weeks, had two extensive rounds of chemo," he said. "That put me in remission, and then I had to go through what they called maintenance in Columbia to stay in remission, until they found a donor."

Six months after his diagnosis, Dabney received a gift - a life-saving stem cell transplant.

He's been in remission ever since.

Now, Dabney wants to spread the word about the importance of joining the bone marrow donor registry and he's getting a little help from his fireman brothers.

The department will host a marrow donor drive Saturday with the help of the Be the Match Campaign during the department's open house.

"For the longest time I really didn't know anything about it," Assistant Fire Chief John Long said. "You would think if something like this was going on, you would see a downfall in someone, they would slow down, really haven't seen that."

Long said he's excited to host the registry drive for Dabney and would like to see the community come out to support the cause.

For Dabney, raising awareness for a cause, the same cause that saved his life, is what matters most.

"It can cure a lot of things and people are just unaware of how easy it is."

The marrow drive is going to take place during the department's open house.

Guests who attend the open house can not only sign up for the marrow drive, but can participate in activities as well.

The Monroe City Fire Department will also show off $400,000 worth of department upgrades.

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