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#BELIKEGRACE Earns the Schells a Hometown Hero honor

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A Tri-State couple's grief and loss have now become a viral inspiration across the globe.

Their powerful message can be summed up in three words- Be. Like. Grace.

Holly and Dustin Schell of Liberty lost their daughter, Grace, last October in a tragic ATV accident.

They have used their devastation, loss, and grief to inspire others to rise to their highest potential - even when the race of life gets long, tough, and overwhelming.

Grace Schell might have lost her physical life months ago, but her spirit lives on, touching people who never even knew her during her short time on earth.

"They're spreading Grace's message to be kind and generous and always willing to help other people," said Katie Leigh, a family friend.

#BeLikeGrace has gone from a Tri-State to an international movement, even resulting in a scholarship and an upcoming 5k run October 2nd.

Family friend Jake Leigh said it feels as though Grace left behind a blueprint for her parents to follow. "I think they work through the message. It's what's helped them they find out all of the reasons that Grace has done these things behind the scenes, and now all of a sudden it's coming to light."

Holly Schell's joy in uplifting others has become a positive type of contagious.

Even so, the Schell's don't see themselves as a hero of any sort.

"We are very humbled that people are able to take something away from this tragedy which is grace," said Dustin Schell.

The family said that in trying times, you need two things to keep going.

"I think we do rely on our faith. Honestly, we have a great support system; all of our family and friends are here," said Holly Schell.

The Schell's coworkers and family friends reminded them that they will always be here for them and even sent out a nice message.

"1...2...3... #belikegrace"

Once again, congratulations to the Schell's, and thanks to our sponsors, Hilbing Autobody and Peters Heating and Air.

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