Tri-State Fire Department receives donation for life saving equipment


The Western Lewis County Fire Protection District now has an extra $1,400.

That's thanks to FCS Financial through its community investment program.

The department has decided to invest in a Grain Entrapment Rescue Device.

"We were in the center of the bin where it's kind of the worst spot where it's sucking down the fastest," says Hancock County Farmer Joe McAndrew.

In 2013, McAndrews got stuck in a grain bin for three hours.

"I got trapped pretty quickly. It went from my knees up to my neck in about 15 seconds," McAndrews says.

With the increase of grain bins in the Tri-States, the likelihood of entrapment is also increasing.

Professionals say the compression you feel when stuck in a grain bin can kill you.

Past grain bin rescues have taken three hours.

Now, the Western Lewis Co. Fire Protection District looks to drastically reduce that time when seconds are critical.

"Obtaining a grain rescue device can help relieve that pressure around the victim while we remove the grain and also allows a stable platform for the rescuers to operate from. We believe it will be a faster rescue operation, potentially," says Capt. Paul Ross Jr.

The Protection District wouldn't be able to purchase this recsue device without the help of FCS Financial.

"We try to support local community organizations. This was one of the things they felt they needed in this area and we are glad to support it," says FCS Financial V.P. Miles Cameron.
"The grain rescue operation and device is one of those ways that we've identified to continue to serve the community," adds Ross.

In case you didn't know, this is year three for FCS Financial's Community Investment Program.

To get involved with FCS Financial you can email them here or call 1-855-507-2276.

Now the final price tag is around $3,000.

If you would like to help the fire department hit its goal, you can call (660) 213-3519 or email

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