This Week in Ag: Sharpe Holdings shows us new technology


Happening this week in Ag, one Tri-State farm showcases how technology and nature can operate in harmony.

iPads, animal tracking devices, and GPS - all to produce a yield.

KHQA Photographer Mack Pierce takes you to Sharpe Holdings in northeast Missouri.

"We're broke off in 12,000 acres and trying to be everywhere at once is almost impossible," says Robert Hambleton, General Manager of Sharpe Holdings.

"They use cellular technology to power their John Deere tractors through an iPad, it'll actually guide and drive itself," said Jason Carey, Business Account Sales Executive with U.S. Cellular.

"With auto steer and all that it makes their day a whole lot easier too if you're not having to have a hold of that steering wheel," said Hambleton.

"It's stuff that's been around for a few years but it's really getting to catch on. Irrigation pivots, you know those big sprinkler systems that water the field. See where the pivot is at on the tablet or smart phone or computer. You can move it without having to drive out there attach a truck to it," said Carey.

"Normally we would have one guy on this side of the farm overseeing these pivots and with the technology with us anywhere we go we can map and see what we need to be watching and just eliminate the person," said Hambleton.

"That saves work time, that saves fuel, it ultimately allows you to do more from the office without having to be out in the fields," said Carey.

"Hopefully in the next few years we'll get to where we're doing fertilization through some irrigation," says Hambleton.

"It's a combination of these technologies and a couple others that they've put on the farm that have made it what we call a "smart farm," says Carey.

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