Rainfall halts planting season in West Central Illinois


    This week's rainfall has put much needed moisture in the ground for area farmers.

    Currently farmers are on standby and waiting for warmer weather to be able to get in the fields to begin planting.

    Ben Hugenberg is a farmer in Liberty.

    He says slower rainfalls benefit the farmers, but heavy rainfalls can be detrimental.

    “A slow study rain allows for soaking in and we can gain our subsoil moisture back which is what has occurred over out droughts time. But the fast-paced rain normally runs off and that's when we get our flash flooding and at some point there can be some erosion issues and erosion problems,” said Hugenberg.

    Planting season isn't behind schedule yet.

    Hugenberg says the longer it takes for crops to be put in the fields the later crops are taken out.

    With depressed grain prices, this can make farmers nervous.

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