Planting season progressing but still behind

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    Farmers are currently doing what they can to get crops in before the projected rainfall and storms Wednesday night into Thursday morning.

    In Illinois, the United States Department of Agriculture's Crop Progress and Condition Report shows 32 percent of corn and 7 percent of soybeans have been planted across the state as of April 30th.

    These numbers are not far off the average percentages over the past four years but far behind last year's report at this time.

    The USDA reports that 52 percent of corn and 5 percent of soybeans have been planted in Missouri through April 30th.

    Missouri is showing progress slightly above the four year average with corn percentages well below last year's planting.

    Iowa has 17 percent of projected corn planted across the state according to the USDA's April 30th report.

    That report shows Iowa well behind last year's numbers and the five year average.

    Favorable conditions over the weekend and through the beginning of this week could dramatically increase those numbers when the USDA releases its new report on May 6th.

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