Pittsfield High School class influences new Illinois bill

Pittsfield FFA students and Rep Davidsmeyer watch as IL Governor Bruce Rauner signs HB470

Last week, Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner signed an FFA student legislation out of Pittsfield, Illinois.

House Bill 470 was sponsored by State Rep Davidsmeyer and was signed at the Illinois State Fair.

HB470 designates corn as the official state grain of Illinois and is supported by the Illinois Farm Bureau.

The bill was inspired by the Pittsfield High School agriculture development class, which did extensive research on the impact corn has on the state.

“Today, we designated corn as the official state grain to show the great impact it and all of agriculture has on Illinois' economy,” Rep. Davidsmeyer said. “More importantly, we helped Pittsfield ag students work to see their bill become law, from start to finish. What a great way to learn how the process is supposed to work!”
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