NE Missouri students learn safety tactics outside the classroom

Wednesday, safety was the focus in the classroom during what's being called Progressive Agriculture Safety Day.

Northeast Missouri students were made aware of dangers that surround them in rural America.

"Ag day is like, it teaches you a lot about safety and precautions," said fourth grade student Kelsey Lightle.

Students went through many sessions in Hannibal, learning about how to be safe in dangerous situations.

Missouri Highway Patrol Sgt. Eric Brown presented a simulator to students.

The simulator demonstrated what could happen if you choose not to wear your seat belt in the car.

"They have a lot of rollover accidents so you want to wear your seat belt so you don't go flying out,” said fourth grade student Noah Williams.

Williams is a fourth grader who lives on a farm and shows pigs.

He says he now knows how to be a bit safer around a lawnmower.

"How to wear proper shoes, to wear close toe shoes, and the proper clothes. And make sure the yard is picked up, no sticks or anything to run over,” said Williams.

Students from Monroe, Ralls, and Marion Counties got the chance to learn about real world situations, and how to make smarter choices when it comes to safety.

"It is important that they know they need to slow down a little bit. Whether they are on foot, on a bicycle or riding in a car, and know that they should be looking both ways before they cross the railroad tracks,” said Kristi Jamison MoDOT Railroad Operations Manager.

The students covered everything from:

"Fire safety because it was really fun to go through the camper and the smoke. It’s beautiful how they run those procedures,” said Lightle.

To being safe in the sun.

"Probably skin cancer safety because it talks about the importance of sunscreen and how we are outside every day and the ways you can protect yourself,” said Lightle.

Students also learned about firearms, electrical lines and ATV safety.

To top Wednesday off, students also learned about water safety from the Missouri Highway Patrol.

This was the first year for the event.

The event is hoping to continue but will need sponsorship's to secure the event for next year.

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