Modern technology buzzes to the farm

Modern technology buzzes to the farm

Modern technology is becoming more prevalent and buzzing around several area farms.

"Yeah they wave to me all the time," says 14-year-old drone flyer Hayden Brint.

It all started when Hayden’s father and mother were looking for an inexpensive Christmas present for their son.

The reason, to make life easier on the farm.

"US Cellular shop about the drones and he showed be the difference between this particular drone the Bebop Parrot 2 and what we were looking at and so we made the decision to get this for Hayden," says Hayden’s father David Brint.
Thomas Todd, Manager of U.S. Cellular in Macomb, says, "In addition to education with the farming aspect of it, it paramounts a lot of farmers have started to expand into several things, not only drones but different types of programs that do everything from monitor their harvest, their planting their fertilizer applications."

Young Hayden is approaching the one-year anniversary of his drone-flying experience. His expertise of flying in the field is good, even on a windy day.

"It is kind of pushing the drone but as it goes it will lean and it will put more of the power on the right side to stable it," says Hayden.

Brint says it’s been fun spending more time with his son.

"I've been able to take him out on my job and visit with the older farmers. The farmers just love having him out on the farm,” said Brint.

Hayden uses the drone for a bird’s eye view of the farm including spread patterns, crop conditions and machinery processing.

"I love to see youth get involved, youth get involved in not only a farm but a little bit more of a professional atmosphere and it’s something he really enjoys and has a good time with,” says Todd.

Todd also says, they have seen an increase in drone sales for agriculture purposes.

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