Illinois would rank the fourth largest country for soybean production


    Illinois is a large producer of soybeans.

    If you would consider Illinois as its own country, Illinois would rank fourth in the world for soybean production.

    That's according to a spokesperson with the Illinois Soybean Association.

    Last year in 2017 Illinois produced over six-billion-bushels of soybeans.

    Nearly 60 percent of the Illinois product are exported.

    Twenty-five percent of the exports from Illinois go to China.

    Roberta Simpson-Dolbeare and her husband farm around 2,500 acres in Pike and Calhoun County.

    She also serves as the Director of District 12 of the Illinois Soybean Association.

    Simpson-Dolbeare says this is a scary time for farmers.

    "If the tariff reduces what we are able to sell not only to China but worldwide, that is going to affect what we are able to purchase in the way of new farm equipment,” said Simpson-Dolbeare.

    The corn and pork market could also see a big hit.

    Simpson-Dolbeare says Illinois is also known for its pork production.

    She also says people don't realize how much of these products are used in everyday life.

    "A lot of feed products as well as ethanol, fuel products and you know a lot of food product,” said Simpson-Dolbeare.

    She encourages farmers to reach out to local and U.S. legislatures to express their concerns.

    The soybean industry provides around 114,500 jobs in Illinois alone.

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