Farmers prepare crops for planting season in midst of drought

Farmers prepare crops for planting season in midst of drought

For farmers, spring planting season is right around the corner.

However, KHQA's Weather Team says the Tri States need roughly 7 inches of rain to get back on track.

The likelihood of that happening? Right now, it's hard to tell.

Some farmers across the Tri states say all they can do is hope for extra showers.

"Just hopefully it's not like 1983, " said bean and cattle farmer Kent Flesner.

It was one of the worst droughts in the United States.

Accompanied by heat waves across several portions of the country.

"It was devastating in this area, I hope we never see that again," Flesner said.

Now meteorologists say the drought began last year; the area seeing an obvious moisture deficit.

It was this year's lack of snow fall that keeps farmers on edge going into the planting season.

Successful Farming Magazine's, Dave Mowitz explained, "Really start getting serious if we get into late May and June and we still haven't gotten a lot of rain and then we're going to see commodity prices rise and we know we're not going to have the crop out there."

Now Dave Mowitz says the drought will even impact machinery prices.

"The guys are a little unsure, they're not willing to bid as much on machinery or want to buy if they aren't sure they're going to have enough moisture to get through to the end," Mowitz said.
Flesner says some of his crops will hopefully be okay; however he said, "Soybeans not so much, they'll wait for rain but they can only wait so long."

He says there's nothing normal anymore.

All he can do is wait.

"We're very dry right now and hopefully this weekend we get a nice couple showers, get our top moisture built up, so we can plant this spring.

Wednesday is World Water Day.

As we talk about the drought, this specific day is all about water conservation.

For some tips on how you can conserve water go to Unicef's World Water Day homepage.

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