Farmers pick up the pieces with the help of insurance companies

Farmers pick up the pieces with the help of insurance companies

"The buildings are a total loss and the property will be gathered up and disposed of," said Shelby County livestock and grain farmer, Jay Collins.

For farmers across the Tri States, storm damage comes at no surprise after encountering severe weather.

Collins says that's exactly why he has farmer's insurance.

"Insurance is a security to equipment bought and purchased."

It was in Monday night's severe storm where one of Collins' family farm suffered serious damage.

He says it was his insurance coverage that kept him at ease.

"It's a good piece of mind that we can concentrate on the family at that point knowing that the equipment is insured properly and at the right levels, it's not a worry."

Now without insurance, Collins explained that his machine shed could cost up to $60,000 to replace.

And while most farmers know the importance of having coverage, Missouri Farm Bureau's insurance agent Clint Chandler says, "All your farm personal property, whether it be machinery, grain, outbuilding, home, all that stuff needs to be reviewed at least on an annual basis with your agent."

Jay Collins explained he reviews his insurance every two to four years.

"Update your policies and make sure your coverage is sufficient to the levels you desire and definitely that would keep the peace of mind."
Chandler said, "Things happen and you need to know where you are. The insurance agent's job is not to sell you what you want but to give you what you need."

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