Drivers urged to slow down and be patient when approaching farming equipment on roadways


    The Adams County Farm Bureau is encouraging drivers to be on the lookout for farm machinery on roadways all summer long.

    Planting Season may be over for area farmers but that doesn't mean their work has stopped in the fields.

    Shawn Valter with the Farm Bureau says there has been an increase in automobile versus farm equipment crashes due to distracted drivers.

    “I mean we see that now that distracted drivers are having problems even when there are not slow-moving vehicles. So, you throw someone out there that is going 20 mph 30 mph, you are going to come up on them very quickly and realize you don’t have time to stop,” said Valter.

    Valter says there are two things drivers should be aware of when approaching farm equipment: slow down, and be patient.

    Most crashes happen when drivers are trying the pass the equipment while farmers are trying to turn.

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