Beck's Superior Hybrid announces $10.9 million expansion


Beck's Superior Hybrids is the largest family owned seed company in the United States.

After just over three years in southeast Iowa, the Mt. Pleasant location will undergo a multi-million-dollar expansion.

The $10.9 million-dollar expansion at Beck Superior Hybrids will include high-quality paying jobs.

"With this growth we will provide more jobs and more people to help us produce a quality product that we could get out to farmers so they can use to become successful themselves," said Beck’s Production Location Manager, Daniel Ganz.

The Iowa Economic Development Authority offers this program which promotes growth in jobs defined as high-quality by state statue.

"With each of those they have to reach a wage threshold of $16.56 so we know we are not out there helping companies expand that are paying minimum wage or right above it. These are truly very well paying jobs," said Mount Pleasant Area Chamber Alliance Executive Vice-President Kristi Ray.

The city of Mt. Pleasant also offered a gradual 5-year property tax abatement for this industrial project.

"There is a lot of manufacturing equipment that goes into it and so when a company expands it's not always just a new building it may be new products and that sort of thing," said Ray.

A new warehouse will be built with part of the expansion money.

Currently at the Mount Pleasant, Iowa location the facility is used for seed production, drying and packaging.

"We'll ship out of this location and western Illinois, basically all of northern Missouri, and then southern and eastern Iowa as well," said Ganz.

Ganz says he hopes the new warehouse building will be completed by the time harvest 2019 begins.

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