Area farmers learn about new trucking regulations

The Illinois Farm Bureau stopped in Hancock County Wednesday to offer area farmers advice on farm truck regulations.

The Adams County and Hancock County Farm Bureau teamed up bringing in more than a hundred area farmers to participate in an 'On the Road" seminar. Its purpose is to cover new regulations and common misunderstandings.

Trucking regulations are complicated and farmers have to deal with them.

"All the regulations affect us but there are many exemptions that are allowed for the Ag use and for farmers in general and so it is really important to keep up with those regulations and those exemptions to see what we actually need to do, what we are required to do and what we don't need to do,” says Adams County Farmer Ben Hugenberg.

Questions from area farmers ranged from permitting size and weight limits, licensing and the new harvest season emergency permits

Senior Local Government Director Kevin Rund with the Illinois Farm Bureau says the big question farmers are asking is about the Unified Carrier Registration fees. In the past the fee we're due by January 1. That's not the case this year though.

"We've got a delay in the unification carrier registration fees that right now are up in the air. Once those are finalized farmers will have 90 days to comply with that,” says Rund.

Rund also spoke about the first ever Harvest Season Emergency that Illinois Farmers took advantage of this year.

"We've had different forms of harvest emergency on the law books for over 20 years now but this is the first time it has been declared so we have got a first glimpse of how it may function here in Illinois,” said Rund.

Here's what’s next, Electronic Logging will go into effect in just under a week. Truckers starting Decembers 18, 2017 must have electronic logging systems installed in their trucks per HOS exemptions.

Rund says the electronic logging system won't affect most of the area farmers, but will affect truck drivers hauling livestock over a longer period of time.

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