Iowa Senator Ernst co-sponsors bill to benefit pediatric cancer research


You might recall Chad Douglas' multi-part series surrounding Kids With Cancer that aired last year.

We learned something while reporting those stories.

Less than four cents for every dollar donated to the National Cancer Institute goes to fund pediatric cancer research.

That may soon change.

The US Senate has a bill in committee right now called the Childhood Cancer STAR Act.

If passed, it will make sure there's an effort from the federal level to look harder into research for pediatric cancer.

It also will look at the after effects of the drugs used on the kids once they get older.

Iowa Senator Joni Ernst co-sponsors the bill.

"In past years, so much of the treatment has been focused on chemotherapy, and today we've seen such great research and development so we can target specifically the types of cancers, and that is so much better for these children and their families," Ernst told KHQA.

As for what's next, it's currently in the Health, Education, and Labor Committee.

Senator Ernst says she, and many other Senators, would love nothing more than to see that bill get passed, and sent to the President's desk.

As for a timeline on that, unfortunately, there isn't one.

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