Iowa residents can cast their vote for new license plate design

(MGN Online)

Iowa license plates are getting a makeover and you can help make it happen.

Governor Reynolds and Lieutenant Governor Gregg unveiled three new license plate designs Thursday morning at the Iowa State Fair - giving new life to the almost 20-year old blue, white and silver designs on cars throughout the state.

“Each new design we think depicts Iowa in a unique way and we’re looking forward to having you all and Iowans weigh in on this process so be sure to tell your friends and your family and everybody at the state fair to come mark their choice on what they think best depicts what Iowa represents and will be out billboard traveling not only Iowa but the nation.”

Reynolds says the designs which were crafted in-house by a team at the Department of Transportation represent Iowa as "patriotic and forward thinking" and also shows pride in the state’s natural beauty.

You can cast your vote for the plates at the Department of Transportation booth at the Iowa State Fair.

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