Illinois State Police urge motorists to be prepared for solar eclipse

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On August 21, 2017, a total solar eclipse will be visible across portions of Southern Illinois, and a partial eclipse will be visible across the entire state. Illinois State Police (ISP) is reminding motorists to prepare for increased traffic volume leading up to and after the solar eclipse and to be aware of possible distracted drivers during the event.

Carbondale will be one of the nation’s prime viewing locations of the event and is home to the point of the greatest duration for the total solar eclipse. Increased traffic flow on routes heading into and out of Carbondale is expected on the days leading up to and after the event.

Motorists traveling through Southern Illinois during this time are encouraged to plan ahead and allow for extra travel time.

Motorists should not observe the eclipse while driving or park on the side of the road to view the event. Make sure to choose a safe location away from traffic to view the eclipse.

“The total solar eclipse is an exciting event which could cause distractions for motorists,” stated Director Leo P. Schmitz. “Please be sure to keep your headlights on for your safety throughout the entire day of the eclipse. Also make sure to watch for motorists who may be slowing or stopping and pedestrians standing near or on the roadway trying to view the event,” he continued.

The ISP continues to work with the Illinois Department of Transportation and local law enforcement agencies to prepare for the 2017 Solar Eclipse.

For travel conditions on Illinois roadways, please go to

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