Democratic nominee for Iowa Governor: Fred Hubbell


Iowa residents took part in the state's Primary Election, Tuesday.

Six individuals were in the running for the Democratic Governor seat: Nate Boulton, Cathy Glasson, Fred Hubbell, Andrea 'Andy' McGuire, John Norris and Ross Wilburn.

According to the Associate Press, retired businessman Fred Hubbell wins Democratic nomination for Iowa governor and will face GOP Gov. Kim Reynolds in November's General Election.

According to the Iowa Secretary of State, 35% of total votes if needed for nomination in order to win a political party’s nomination and have their names placed automatically on the general election ballot.

Candidates must:

  • Receive more votes than anyone else in their political party for that office
  • Receive at least 35% of the votes cast for that office by members of their political party

Fred Hubbell addressed his supporters in Des Moines Tuesday night.

Here are his full remarks:

"Thank you to everyone here tonight, every elected official, every member of my family, my staff, and most importantly every voter and volunteer who made this possible. This is our victory tonight.

You know I’ve spent the last few months traveling to all 99 counties, I’ve spoken to thousands of voters. I’ve eaten hundreds of gas station donuts. But the one question I get asked more than any other… it’s not why are you running for governor? It’s not even what are the most important issues to you? It’s do you really help wash the dishes? You all saw that ad? Charlotte knows… I do!

What a great night.

Tonight’s results send a very strong message. Iowa voters have had enough of the heartless and misguided policies and priorities that have taken our State backwards.

It’s time to move Iowa forward.

My friends, we stand at a crossroads and tonight Iowans took the first big step in choosing which way Iowa goes.

Are we going to continue with the failed Governor Reynolds policies that have decimated our schools, denied Iowans health care while giving our tax dollars to wealthy out of state companies?

Or are we going to set the right priorities and invest in ourselves and the next generation?

I want to grow Iowa… the right way!

I’ve been a businessperson for over 30 years and I’m not going to stand up here and tell you government can solve every problem. But I’ve run complicated budgets my entire life and I know how to set priorities.

And Governor Reynolds and I… well we have very different priorities.

This state is changing and people across Iowa are dealing with real challenges… and they deserve a Governor who will be part of the solution.

But let’s face it, Governor Reynolds won’t fix the current mess because she doesn’t think there are any problems!

Health care costs are rising, so what did Governor Reynolds do?

She privatized Medicaid, cutting benefits for patients, closing providers, and costing Iowans tens of millions more dollars than promised.

Iowa is facing a mental health crisis like we’ve never seen so folks like Tammy and Cole in Iowa City who struggle to get treatment and services without any youth mental health plan… so what did Governor Reynolds do?

She cut funding and beds for mental health forcing those in need of treatment to end up in emergency rooms or jails.

And when Reynolds should have been focused on improving health care, she defunded Planned Parenthood and championed the most extreme anti-women’s health care law in our country, leaving women across Iowa without basic health care.

Iowan’s personal income growth has stagnated to some of the lowest levels in the nation for four years in a row because wages are too low. Like the gentleman in Independence whose community hasn’t seen a raise in five to six years.

So what did Governor Reynolds do?

Stripped our workers of collective bargaining rights.

Young people are leaving Iowa.

So what did Governor Reynolds do?

Cut funding for community colleges and universities and underfunded our schools so in places like Oelwein their textbooks are falling apart. That’s not a world class education system.

You know it used to be you’d talk to folks on the other side of the aisle and you might disagree how to solve a problem… but you’d at least agree on what the problem was.

But when I look at these last two legislative sessions it’s clear… the problem is Governor Reynolds.

And an extremist agenda that is taking us backwards and tearing this state apart.

They’re systematically dismantling the parts of government we need to work best, so they can fund tax giveaways to companies that don’t need them.

Now I want to be clear about one thing.

I’m not just running against Governor Reynolds and her failed record.

I’m running for the people of Iowa.

All of Iowa.

The farmer who fears a needless trade war will cost him his farm; the student burdened by the crush of loans she’ll never be able to pay; the grandparents praying their children will return to Iowa to raise the next generation of Iowa families.

I’m running on a vision to get Iowa growing the right way and a record of bringing people together to get things done.

We’ve got to turn this state around and we don’t have time to waste.

I want to give credit to my opponents in the primary, each of them ran issue driven campaigns and I hope to see many of them in public service. Primary campaigns put our message to a test but Governor Reynolds … she ducked and covered from hers.

She even went so far to push Mayor Ron Corbett, a sensible voice in today’s divided environment, off the ballot.

Instead of putting her message and ideas out there so the voters could choose, she found an easy way out.

I’ve got news for you Governor… it won’t be so easy this November.

We are stronger because of our primary campaign.

Thank you, Cathy, for making sure we’re talking about giving Iowans a raise. Thank you, Andy for your fight to get quality and affordable health care for all. Thank you, John, for making sure we focus on rural issues and the challenges facing farmers today. Thank you, Ross, for standing up for the Iowa you believe in, that’s inclusive and affords all the opportunity to succeed. Thanks to all of you for talking about standing up for organized labor. We stand united to turn this state around.

But I’m not just calling for unity among Democrats today, I’m calling for unity across this entire state.

We need to stand together, united to put people first again.

And I mean all people.

We are all Iowans and we stand united by a simple vision: that if we invest in the future, we will benefit, our kids will benefit, and our grandchildren will benefit.

We’re going to make Iowa #1 in education again. For our youngest students who are the workers of tomorrow and for our adult learners who are learning new skills and trades to fill our jobs with the hardest workers this world has ever seen.

We are united, to restore collective bargaining rights for our teachers and workers and to get incomes rising across every part of the state. It doesn’t matter where you live, every Iowan deserves the best opportunity to succeed and it’s past time Iowans received a raise!!

We need to stand united to find permanent funding to protect our water quality while preserving and improving our topsoil.

Because whether you live on a farm, in a small town, or in one of our vibrant cities, we all drink water and we all need our farms to succeed.

And we stand united to restore funding for Planned Parenthood, reverse the most restrictive anti- women’s health care law in the country, reverse Reynolds failed Medicaid privatization and improve our mental health care system.

I am running for governor because I love this state and want to leave it to all our children and grandchildren better than we found it.

I am running for governor because I believe every Iowan deserves an opportunity to be successful.

And I’m running for Governor because I’ve got a plan to get it done.

We need to provide everyone the training and education they need to get the good jobs we create.

We need to ensure every Iowan has access to quality health care.

We need to build and enhance Iowa’s infrastructure, high speed internet, and housing all across the state.

I am running for governor to get Iowa growing.

The right way.

But before we get to celebrating, I want to acknowledge all of you who made tonight happen.

First and foremost, thank you to my wife Charlotte who has been on this journey with me from day one.

Thanks to our children and my brothers and sister all of whom have provided lots of encouragement and support.

Thanks to our hard-working volunteers who knocked on thousands of doors. And our staff who spent many a late night at the office.

Thank you to the over 80 current and former elected leaders- our Campaign Chair Sally Pederson, Attorney General Tom Miller, former Governor Chet Culver, former Lieutenant Governor Patty Judge, our eight county sheriffs, and the countless legislators who took a chance on a first-time candidate.

Thank you to the Carpenters for being the first union to stand with us, and thank you to the Laborers for helping us cross the finish line strong. We look forward to working closely with all the brothers and sisters of organized labor to fight tooth and nail for Iowa’s working families!

Lastly and most of all, thank you to Iowans who have given me the greatest responsibility of my life. I will not let you down.

But we’ve all got a lot of tough work ahead. We’re going to have to make a lot of calls and knock on a lot of doors. So I have one request of everyone in this room. Over the next few weeks, think about a friend, a neighbor, or a family member you can reach out to, share our message, and help grow this movement.

And my promise to each of you is that if you work hard for me for the next five months, I’ll work hard for you for the next four years!

Thank you!"

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