Tom, Tom and Tom Sawyer tour America's Hometown


Three Tom Sawyers spent the afternoon in America's Hometown Thursday afternoon.

This Spirit of the Tri States report brought to you by Green America Recycling and Continental Cement introduces you to a family keeping Mark Twain's story alive.. throughout the generations.

Lynn Sawyer grew up in Quincy until the age of 8 when her family moved to Orlando, Florida.

That's where she met and eventually married a real-life Tom Sawyer.

Lynn and Tom named their son Tom who named his son Tom.

However, the family is repeatedly asked to show proof of I.D.

"That's what I always get," Lynn's son, Tom Sawyer said. " In true Missouri fashion, show me! Everyone wants to see my driver's license."

Lynn and Tom named their daughter Rebecca also known as Becky Sawyer.

"Every year that I've been here, everybody laughs and doesn't believe I have a lot of Tom Sawyer's in the family," Rebecca explained.

And Huckleberry Finn? The family has named two of its precious dogs after the Mark Twain character.

Those aren't the only Toms in the Sawyer family.

Lynn's 85-year-old father-in-law's name is Tom Sawyer.

The youngest Tom also has a cousin with the same name for a total of five Tom Sawyers in the family.

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