Spirit of the Tri-States: Western Illinois University food pantry opens


This Spirit of the Tri States report, brought to you by Green America Recycling and Continental Cement takes you to Western Illinois University in Macomb.

That's where Western Illinois University's food pantry opened Thursday.

Volunteers have spent several months developing the food pantry.

It provides free, nonperishable food items to the WIU community.

The pantry will be open from noon to 5 p.m. every Thursday for the rest of the semester.

Food is available to all individuals with a valid WIU identification card regardless of income.

"Forty-five percent of students across the board were suffering from food insecurities," WIU Food Pantry Advisor Emily Shupe said. "Twenty percent reported their grades dropped because of a lack of food, and over 60 percent said they would utilize a food pantry on campus."

The food pantry was created because many WIU students living off campus were having difficulty affording food.

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