Spirit of the Tri-States: Robert's Canned Food Drive

Robert's Canned Food Drive

Updated Dec. 29, 2016

Robert Wealer of Hannibal has surpassed his goal of collecting 5,500 cans of food for the Salvation Army.

He ended up collecting close to 6,000 cans.

The Mark Twain Elementary School student plans to deliver them to the Salvation Army.

Wealer has been working on this goal for weeks by picking up donations throughout Hannibal through the help of social media.

Some people donated money to his cause.

Wealer hopes to have another canned food drive during the summer of 2018.

Original Story Dec. 1, 2016

A Hannibal boy needs your help to help others in need this holiday season.

Robert Wealer wants to collect 5500 cans of food to donate to the Salvation Army.

This week's Spirit of the Tri-States report brought to you by Continental Cement and Green America shows you a look inside his mission.

Wealer attends Mark Twain Elementary School, but he's already discovered the harsh realities of the world around him.

"If people can't get jobs and don't have enough food to feed their families, how can they get food?" Wealer said.

You can call Wealer an experienced philanthropist.

Through the help of the community, he was able to collect more than 5,000 food items for Douglas Community Services in April 2015.

"It was really fun knowing that people were going to be able to get food and not be poor and not be able to get food," he said.

He's already collected 500 canned food items for his food drive at Mark Twain Elementary School.

Wealer is accepting donations up until Christmas Eve.

He's even created a Facebook page to help him get the word out.

"It feels good to help people get food for their families and for themselves," he said. "You get to go pick up cans and know you're helping people."

If you'd like to help Robert reach his goal of collecting 5500 cans of food for the Salvation Army, just log on to his Facebook page.

You can message him to arrange a pickup date and time.

You also can drop off items at the Hannibal-Courier Post.

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