Santa taps technology to keep boys and girls on track for Christmas Eve

Santa taps technology to keep boys and girls on track for Christmas Eve

Here's what's new in technology news -- Santa Claus taps technology to help him keep tabs on his naughty and nice lists.

This Spirit of the Tri-States brought to you by Continental Cement and Green America Recycling shows you how he's making a list and checking it twice through the help of smartphones.

3-year-old Alexander has gotten to see Santa Claus , but now he gets personal calls from jolly old St. Nicholas on his parents' smartphones.

It's through this Santa Claus app.

Parents enter their child's name, age, favorite foods and activities.

Through the app, parents can also let Santa know if their child has done something nice or not-so-nice.

"He is really excited about Christmas coming," Andrea Witt said. " He's excited to talk to Santa."

Witt's family has downloaded the app to help keep Alexander on the right track for Santa's visit.

"He can talk to Santa on the phone, good day, bad day.," she explained.

Kids also get to tell Santa what they want for Christmas.

Kids also receive calls from Santa when they've done something nice.

There are several apps that parents can download to schedule calls from Santa.

The Witt family uses the app called, "Santa Claus," that you can download onto your phone for free.

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