Quincy University kicks off Homecoming with lit up balloons


Tonight's Spirit of the Tri-States report, brought to you by Continental Cement and Green America Recycling, takes you to Friars' Field at Quincy University.

That's where the school lit up the sky with ten hot air balloons.

The QU Glow kicked off the University's Homecoming festivities.

The family fun event included a parade, field show and concluded with the lighting of the balloons.

Students say that they love how the community comes together for the event.

"I think it just makes a really great tradition this is its third year that it's been going on, so I'm a senior, so my sophomore year they started. It's just a really great event that brings everybody together, everybody on campus everybody in the community. There's a ton of people here. I don't think the last two years we've had this many people, it's turned out to be a really big event in the community," said 2017 QU Homecoming King Darek Lambert.

QU's football team will play Robert Morris Saturday afternoon for this year's Homecoming game.

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