Local Girl Scouts lend a helping hand

Girl Scouts at Washington School in Quincy spent the afternoon putting together first aid kits for the homeless.

High school student Shaayla Hill is leading a service project for the Girl Scout Troop at Washington School in Quincy.

She says giving back to her community is in her blood. Hill says her mom sparked the desire to help those in need.

"She really got me interested in helping homeless people because it's what she does. Any kind of service project, especially with kids is awesome," said Hill.

In assembly-line fashion, Hill helped these Girl Scouts put together 100 first aid kits for the homeless Thursday afternoon. The kits include items such as cough drops, Band-Aids and Triple anti-biotic ointment.

Anne Meyer leads Troop #5045. She was Hill's troop leader when she went to Washington School. Meyer says it’s great to have her back to help.

Even at a young age, these Girl Scouts say they understand the impact of their service and why it's needed.

"No matter who you are, we all have our ups and downs and different trials," said Meyer.
"I wish that we could take this into our schools but it's not easy for people to say hey I need this. It's much better when we can say hey this is our community; we're going to help everybody as much as we can," Hill stated.

Here's what's next-- The first aid kits will be distributed to area soup kitchens February 1st.

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