Local family on a mission in Haiti

Local family on a mission in Haiti (Photo courtesy of Rod Ayers)

A Tri-State family is on a mission to help residents in one of the poorest countries in the world.

This Spirit of the Tri-States report brought to you by Continental Cement and Green America Recycling airs out the details.

Rod Ayers and his family from Curryville, Missouri took their first mission trip to Haiti in 2012.

"When we first went there, they would ask if we're coming back or are you just gonna go home and not come back like most people do," he explained. "We've been back, and we've been back."

They've been back 11 times to be exact.

The Ayers family has recruited several community members to help Haitian residents through an organization called Project Help Haiti.

The teams serve Haitian families through roofing, spiritual guidance and installing water filters to name just a few.

"They walk down the mountain, pick up water and carry water back up the mountain," missionary Jeremy Wallace said. "The water there is very dirty. It's diseased. It has cholera in it. "

Ryan Daffron's family raised money to buy water filters for Haitian residents.

Daffron helps install them himself.

"The biggest thing that struck me when I came home was the fact that I had running water in my house, and how far some people have to go for water that's not ever clean," Daffron said. "We have a lot of blessings that people in other places of the world don't have."

Annie "It's definitely made me look at things differently here at home and in America. Just seeing the poverty that they are in and coming back to see how much I have and remembering not to take these things for granted."

Ashley "You find yourself in a lot more content state seeing what other people have and the joy they have with the very little that they have."

The Ayers family always welcomes other people to serve as a missionary in Haiti.

Click here to learn more information on how to participate or donate.

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