A patriotic birthday memorial through stars and stripes

Quincy resident Mary Sohn would've turned 96-years-old this Jully 4th.

This Spirit of the Tri-States report brought to you by Continental Cement and Green America Recycling celebrates a special, patriotic birthday memorial.

It's at 2056 Cedar in Quincy.

Mary Sohn would've turned 96-years-old this July 4th.

She passed away last November.

Her family decided to honor her on what would've been her 96th birthday by placing 96 flags in a yard at 2056 Cedar.

"Mom, we still love you," Son Steven Sohn said. "We sure miss you. She always wrote, 'love and prayers' when she was writing to my brothers in the service, so we all says, 'love and prayers.' We miss you."

The display lights up in the shape of an American flag at night.

Mary Sohn had 12 children, 36 grandchildren, 52 great-grandchildren and about 8 great-great grandchildren. This display comes with some heart-felt messages for Mary that will never change.

"Instead of mom blowing the candles out, we're hoping that the wind will blow so she will say, 'I'm here, kids. I'm still watching,'" Sohn said.

Mary's display will be up through this weekend.

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