One Class at a Time - September 2018

Jennifer Oitker, of Quincy, is this month's One Class at a Time recipient. Photo by: Sierra Brown/KHQA

When you think of kids learning, you think of reading, writing, and arithmetic.

There are many other subjects kids learn, and some of them get overlooked.

One Tri-State teacher is making it a point to make sure the subject she teaches is looked at as important as everything else.

Jennifer Oitker is a Physical Education teacher at Denman Elementary School in Quincy. She teaches Kindergarten through 5th grade. She sees everyday the learning benefits of P.E.

"It not only builds their lifetime healthy lifestyle living, it also builds their inner 'I can do this. I can play and have fun.' It engages them outside of school and inside of school," said Oitker.

Not to mention shows the importance of teamwork.

"I think we're learning how to play, do sports, and different kids of sports."

First grader Jade Courtney loves playing in P.E. class. Mainly because it's an outlet for all that energy first graders tend to have. Her classmate, Parker McAdams likes it for a different reason. He says he learns how to listen in P.E.

"So you can hear what they're going to play," said McAdams.

While a first grader looks at listening a little differently than adults, Oitker says Parker does learn how to listen...he just might not realize it, because he's having fun at the same time.

"We know kids today are playing on their phones, and they play games. They are not building those relationships. They are not working with others on how to solve problems," says Oitker.

Oitker also figures out to solve problems. She's part of the Denman Elementary School community, but until that school opens next fall, she splits her time between the former Berrian and Adams School buildings. Because of that, she had to take what P.E. equipment she had from the former Baldwin School, and split it between the two buildings. That's where we come to help out, by giving her this month's $1000 grant from Doors 'N More, Continental Cement, and Green America Recycling.

Oitker says she's going to use this $1000 to replenish her P.E. equipment so the kids can continue to learn everything they learn while "playing" in P.E.

To date, KHQA and our sponsors, Continental Cement, Green America Recycling, and Doors and More, have given out more than $60,000 in One Class at a Time grants.

We have no plans to slow that down.

If you are a teacher, or know a teacher who could use a thousand dollars for their class, have them apply by clicking here.

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