One Class at a Time - September 2017


As September winds down, kids are getting settled into the new school year.

Teachers may have most of the year already planned out, but a Hannibal teacher now has to re-write her plan.

Thanks to our sponsors, Continental Cement and Green America Recycling, KHQA's Chad Douglas introduces you to this month's recipient of our One Class at a Time grant.

This is Michelle Ford's first grade classroom. On this particular day, the kids are reciting their site words before heading to the library. At this age, their little brains are like sponges...soaking up whatever they can. Believe it or not, science is a key subject for these kiddos.

How much do you love science?

"I'll give it 200 percent," said Grace Keyser.

And Grace isn't the only science lover in this class.

"Science stuff is cool because it changes the thing that it really was," said Jachin Dennis.

Science also offers something other subjects don't...hands on learning.

"It helps them learn big time. It goes into that part of the brain where they remember things. That's what we want them to do," said teacher Michelle Ford.

And now for a quick math assignment.

For this One Class at a Time, we first introduced you to the September grant recipient on Facebook Live. We figured since the teacher, Michelle Ford, wanted the grant to expand technology and science in her classroom, we would showcase a little technology as well. Mrs. Ford plans to buy some hands on equipment to help her first graders learn science like coding for robots.

"I like robots because they help us," said Jachin Dennis.

Mrs. Ford got the idea earlier this year at a technology conference. She says it's important for teachers to stay up with the changing time, and changing standards set by the state of Missouri.

"They want them to be deeper thinkers. They want them to use the scientific method more, so they are making a hypothosis, and having questions and doing we've been doing them in our classroom," said Ford.

Do you know what a hypothosis is?

"Yes. It is a guess," said Grace Keyser.

Can you say Hypothosis?

The last I checked, that word's not on the sight word list anyway...but hey, at least she knows what it means.

If you know a teacher who could use a thousand dollar grant for their classroom, have them go to

Look for the One Class at a Time tab, and fill out the application.

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