One Class at a Time - October 2017

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When you think back to Junior High and High School, your science and history books were probably the biggest ones you had to carry around.

One Tri-State district is beginning to ditch the textbooks in favor of technology.

And with the help of our sponsors Continental Cement and Green America Recycling, students at Lewis County Junior/Senior High School are getting a nice helping hand.

It's class presentation day inside Coach Dave Degarmo's 7th grade Social Studies class. Students are presenting on topics such as heat waves and hurricanes. But their about to get a presentation on economics.

This money will be used to add more technology into the classroom. Degarmo plans to buy several pair of virtual reality goggles for the students.

"Gives the kids a chance to basically take a field trip anywhere around the world without having to leave the classroom," said Degarmo.

Degarmo has been a teacher for the last decade. In that time, he's seen a lot of changes. The social studies department text book free. Instead, the students use Chromebook laptop.

"I think I kind of like them the same because when we use the Chromebooks and stuff, I can type faster when we're doing it. But with the books, I can read better," said Carlie Davis, a 7th grader.

"It's easier to save things, because you can lose a notbook or something. You can leave it in a class and not know where it is, and your homework's gone. We do a bunch of stuff on Chromebooks so we don't do that," said Mason Bell, a 7th grader.

The most exciting thing for Coach Degarmo is the potential of what the VR goggles bring. He says he'll be able to take his class on a field trip anywhere in the world, and not leave this classroom.

"You can take a look at Mt. Rushmore. I can direct the kids, and tell them to look at all these things....notice this thing...notice this about this president. Then, we can take a look at the crazy horse monument, which isn't too far from there," said Degarmo.

For more information on how to apply for One Class at a Time, click here.

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