One Class at a Time - November 2017

Lexi Brumbaugh is the recipient of the November 2017 One Class at a Time Grant.

These days, computers run just about everything...including your kids' school work.

While computers can make things more efficient, there's something to be said for getting hands on experiences too.

Thanks to our sponsors Continental Cement and Green America Recycling, KHQA's lets you know how students in one Tri-State district will now be able to get their hands much more dirty.

Zack Nevins is a sophomore at Unity Middle School. He's used to using his laptop for just about every subject...including art. Right now, he's in a graphic communication class, so there's a lot of computer work to be done. He told me he found his love of art just a year ago. He was a freshman, and had to take either art or agriculture classes. He chose art.

"I never thougth I'd be good at it, but then taking time and actually learning it. I started to get better at art, so I started to do that," said Nevins.

Hannah Kasparie is a senior, who wants to be a cosmotologist, so art is important to her.

"I like pottery because you get to use different colors and blend and use different kind of techniques," said Kasparie.

Pottery is just one of the subjects that's taught in this room, and that's the focus of this month's One Class at a Time.

And this teacher knows exactly where this money is going to go.

"I'm going to put it toward a new kiln for our school. The one we have is very old. It's been here longer than I've been here," said Lexi Brumbaugh.

The current kiln is also small, and it's manual. That means when it's time to fire the pottery, Mrs. Brumbaugh has to manually flip a switch every hour, on the hour. With a new kiln, it will be much quicker. This thousand dollars will pay for about a third of a new kiln. Brambaugh currently has other grant applications out there, otherwise, the rest of the money is coming out of her pocket.

KHQA, and our sponsors, Continental Cement and Green America Recycling give away a thousand dollar grant every month of the school year.

Click here, to apply.

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