One Class at a Time: November 2016 winner - Lexi White

One Class at a Time: November 2016 winner - Lexi White

One Class at a Time has awarded its November $1,000 grant to an excited teacher at Hannibal's Early Childhood Center.

Lexi White is a Pre-K teacher who works with a passionate group of 3 and 4-year-old students.

She has been incorporating different techniques into her lesson plan to expose her young students to S.T.E.M subjects.

That same passion extends over into the lessons they learn in the classroom.

Three-year-old Adley Lehman enjoys learning through games. "There is one where we trace the letters," said Lehman.

The students have dissected owl pellets, raised caterpillars to butterflies, and made a variety of slimes and playdoughs.

Ms. White plans to purchase more legos, magnetic blocks, and S.T.E.M. manipulatives that she can add to her lesson plan.

These additions will allow students to have a better grasp of these concepts.

Science, technology, engineering and math are fundamental lessons explored in Ms. White's classroom.

"Having those hands-on items to manipulate things gives them the chance to critically think," said White.

Although the students may be young in age, she believes they can absorb anything you give them.

"They amaze me with what they can do, if you give them the opportunity to do it. You think, 'well they are just 3 and 4 so they just color and just have fun' but if you give them the opportunity the sky is the limit with them," explained White.

KHQA would like to thank One Class at a Time sponsors: Continental Cement, Green America Recycling and ETC Computerland for making this grant possible.

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