One Class at a Time - May 2017

Sue Kelley, the principal at St. Dominic School in Quincy receives the One Class at a Time grant for May 2017.

The school year is winding down for the 2016/2017 school year, but some students are already looking forward to heading back into the classroom in a couple of months.

That's because when they get back in school, they will have a lot of new "friends" to play and learn with.

"I'm thinking about doing architechural work and designing wand working with computers, and this really helps," said sixth grader Garrett Flesner.

While 6th grader Garrett Flesner thinks about his future career, he's already getting a jumpstart inside this classroom at St. Dominic School in Quincy. That jumpstart is this.

"This is SPARK. He's a robot that we program with an app on our iPads." said 7th grader, Malaina Peters.

"We go to make it do whatever we want to do. You can make it jump, roll, change colors," said 7th grader, Evan Scheuermann.

These kids all have fun working with SPRK, but they are also learning at the same time.

"Robots use all of the STEM skills that are so important these days. Science, technology, engineering, and math," said Nan Wood, the technology teacher at St. Dominic's.

St. Dominic's started this school year with one robot, thanks to a donation to the school. Since then, almost every students has got to learn from it.

"We started with the older students, but we go all the way down to kindergarten," said Principal, Sue Kelley.

The preschoolers even get to look at it, but they're a little young to work on coding and programming.

"There is so much math involved when they learn how to code, and use a strategy to make my robot know which way to go. If it doesn't work the way I programmed it, then I have to figure out what went wrong." said Wood.

One other problem facing St. Dominic's, there's only one robot. Students can code and program from laptops and desktops, but there's only one SPARK to use when it comes time to check your work...until now.

With this thousand dollars, St. Dominic's will be able to buy ten new SPRK robots. So, come next school year, the students won't have to share this one robot.

This was our last One Class at a Time grant for the school year.

Thanks again to our sponsors, ETC Computerland, Continental Cement, and Green America Recycling.

We'll start the program up again in August.

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