One Class at a Time - May 2016

One Class at a Time for May 2016

School is out for the most part in the Tri-States.

Some teachers are now focused on a summer break, others are focused on the next school year.

Second and third graders at Unity Elementary School in Mendon spent part of their last day of school watching Kung Fu Panda. I personally have never seen the movie, and honestly it doesn't matter because we interrupted the viewing anyway.

"Surprise!!" yelled the students.

"Mrs. Typhanie Koening, on behalf of our sponsors, Continental Cement, Green America Recycling, ETC Computerland, and Titan International, we are honored to present our final check for the school year for One Class at a Time," says Chad Douglas.

Take that Kung Fu Panda.

Inside Mrs. Koening's classroom, it probably looks pretty normal, but not if you use it everyday. There are only four desks in this class. Most of the students sit at tables.

"We've been using tables this year, and the kids have expressed that they need an area of their own," says Koenig.

So much so that the students all wrote letters to the principal earlier this year asking for desks.

"It's kind of hard to concentrate when people are looking at you and talking to you," says 2nd grader, Natalee Hamilton.

"Well, it gets kind of hard for me, but once I had a desk and it was easy," adds 2nd grader Collin Johnson.

Mrs. Koenig says tables are great for group work, but when it's time to work independently, the desks are not ideal for students.

"They want their own space. The talked about how easy it is to talk to their neighbor when they are sitting across from each other at a table," says Koenig.

Of the four desks in this classroom, they're not in the best of shape. Now, Koenig wants to buy 20 to 25 new desks.

"I looked on the internet, and I can get some used desks for about $60 a piece," says Koenig.

These current students won't reap the benefits of the new desks, but if everything goes according to plan, once August rolls around, this classroom will be done with the tables, and all you'll see is a room full of desks waiting for students who are eager to learn.

This month's $500 bonus check went to Scott Speer at Hannibal High School.

He is a Special Education teacher who focuses on career readiness skills classes.

His Career Exploration Classes prepare his students for soft skills to get them ready for college and the workforce.

The classes are very much hands on.

Speer is using this 500 dollars from our sponsors Titan International, ETC Computerland, Continental Cement, and Green America Recycling to open a copy center.

His students will manage and organize copies that teachers ask them to make.

Anytime a student can not only have just head knowledge of a concept and apply that, especially special education student who don't excell in pencil and paper tasks, the cance to get hands on and physically do it...and then to provide job coaching, it gives them the opportunity to shine and excel

The rest of the money for the copy center will come from a recent fundraiser the students held where they washed and detail cars of HHS staff.

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