One Class at a Time: January 2017 - Michelle Stegeman

This is Ms. Stegeman's first year as a 2nd grade teacher at Monroe Elementary School. You can also add winning $1,000 to a long list of firsts.

Stegeman is our January recipient for One Class at a Time!

Stegeman wants to meet her student's needs by modernizing the way they learn and will use the money to invest in iPad's for her class.

"I think it will enhance their learning by allowing them to take what they have done to apply it on apps on the iPad," says Stegeman.

Alexander French is a student in her class who expressed why he wants new tech equipment. He says,"So we can get smarter and learn more."

A classmate of French, Aleigha Child, says she appreciates her teacher's thoughtfulness.

The One Class at a Time Grant is made possible by our sponsors; Continental Cement, Green America Recycling, and ETC Computerland.

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