One Class at a Time is music to one Tri-State teacher's ears

Becky Payne, of St. Francis Solanus school in Quincy is the January recipient of the One Class at a Time Grant. Pictured, Chad Douglas/KHQA, Payne, Craig Heming, and Brad Heming of Doors 'N More.

Catholic Schools Week is underway, which means Catholic Schools around the Tri-States are doing special days all week to celebrate.

KHQA's Chad Douglas goes inside one classroom where the celebration extended beyond Catholic Schools Week.

Monday of this week, was pajama day at St. Francis School in Quincy. A day to kind of unwind, and be casual. This particular class is a reading class with Ms. Becky Payne. She also doubles as the school's music teacher.

This is Payne's first year at St. Francis, and she's hoping to grow the music department.

"I mean, I've never played an instrument. I've never know how to, and I listen to it every day," says 6th grader, Carter Miller.
"I like to sing, but I've never really learned how to play an instrument. It's really fun for me to start learning because I've always wanted to, but I've never had the time," says 6th grader Allie Vranjes.
"We all know what music does to the synapsis of the brain. It doesn't matter what instrument you're playing, or if you're singing, all of those things are going to be kicking off," says Payne.

And Payne hopes to kick things off in her own way. She wants to teach the 6th and 7th graders how to play guitar. Problem being, she only has eleven guitars that were anonymously gifted to her, and she has around 22 to 23 students at a time.

"You have music in your life every. single. day. It can make you feel good. It can make you feel bad. It can make you happy or sad. It can just brighten your day.

So too can this can a $1000 grant from our sponsors, Continental Cement, Green America Recycling, and Doors 'N More.

One of the songs the kids sing is called ' Welcome to the family,' and it may eventually become somewhat of a school song for St. Francis. And Payne says by the end of the year, these 6th graders should be able to play it on guitar.

To date, KHQA, along with our sponsors, Continental Cement, Green America Recycling, and Doors 'N More have given away more than $60,000 to area teachers.

If you know a teacher who could use $1000 in their classroom, have them fill out an application here.

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