One Class at a Time helps a teacher bring weather to her classroom

    Diane Kasparie, a science teacher at Quincy Notre Dame High School is the latest recipient of the One Class at a Time grant.

    Science is one of those subjects where students usually learn better when they have hands-on activities.

    Sometimes hands-on learning is hard because schools have to buy those materials.

    "Weather is one of those things that involves absolutely everyone's life," says Diane Kasparie.

    On a mild December morning, the sun rises behind Quincy Notre Dame High School. Inside a science room, teacher Diane Kasparie is teaching Geology and Astronomy.

    A big part of Geology is Meteorology.

    "We learn everything about geology. We learn about land forms, weather...we learn about weather a lot," says Zoey Griffen, a senior at QND

    Mrs. Kasparie wants to expand the Meteorology section of her Geology classroom, and make it more hands on.

    Thanks to our sponsors, Doors 'N More, Continental Cement, and Green America Recycling, we presented the December One Class at a Time grant to Diane Kasparie.

    With this $1000 grant, she is going to buy a weather station for the school, and get the app and materials to use green screen technology in her classroom.

    To say she's excited is an understatement.

    "Seeing what the kids can do with it. They are the best creators. They are going to create what comes next. If they are well versed in what they can do, then they'll be the ones that guide what happens in our future," says Kasparie.
    "I think it'll be great because it lets kids actually do it. Some people learn better when they actually do action," says QND senior, Jacob Chapman.

    Part of the technology would also help the kids to understand how to forecast weather, and could put together their own forecast using the green screen technology.

    If you know a teacher who could use a thousand dollars in their classroom, have them fill out a One Class at a Time application, by clicking here.

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