One Class at a Time grant for November 2018

Pam Jones is the November recipient of the One Class at a Time Grant. Photo by: Sierra Brown/KHQA. Pictured: Brad Heming (Doors N More, KHQA's Chad Douglas, Jones, and Craig Heming (Doors N More)

Inside your child's classroom, there are likely things to help your child learn, that may not seem like learning tools.

A lot of that stuff isn't in school budgets, but teachers still like to have them available.

KHQA's Chad Douglas now introduces you to a Tri-State teacher who opens up her wallet to help her students learn.

"Probably per least 150," said Pam Jones, a 3rd grade teacher at Richardson Elementary in Fort Madison.

That's dollars. $150 out of her own pocket to pay for classroom supplies.

"Last week, I had to get corn meal, and coffee, and cinnamon, and just simple things like plastic plates. We like top do more hands on things," said Jones.

Pam Jones is in her 25th year year of teaching. The last decade has been as a third grade teacher. She's one of those teachers who believes the more stuff the kids can get their hands on, the more they learn, and the better chances they'll remember it. And some of her students agree.

"Because you can build awesome stuff. Like with my Legos, I have giant airplanes, and... said David Castan, a 3rd grader in Jones' class.

If you look around her room, you will see she is a past winner of our One Class at a Time grant, which gave her a thousand dollars back in 2016. By now, all of that money is gone, and most of the supplies she bought with the grant are gone, but she still keeps educating the kids the way she always had.

"If you want to do fun things the kids will remember, you have to buy them," said Jones.

Good news for Mrs. Jones' she gets to replenish her supplies. She says she is going to buy more science supplies, and maybe a class pet or two.

"We've had a hamster before, we've had hermit crabs before, we have fish, lizards, little newts, and things. It's something to come in, and take responsibility for with feeding and to look forward to," said Jones.

Something else to look forward to, Jones will share the money with all four 3rd grade classrooms.

"Sharing is kind. Sharing is caring...for other people," said Jenna James.

Don't forget to fill out an application here for One Class at a Time.

We give a thousand dollars away every month during the school year.

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