The One Class At A Time: February winner


The day started out just like any other morning for Ms. Seals and her Kindergarten class but what happened next would warrant a surprise reaction from her.

"Ms. Seals I am Chad from KHQA and on behalf of our sponsors, ETC Computerland, Continental Cement, and Green America Recycling; I am pleased to grant you $1000 for our One Class at a Time grant for February," says, KHQA Anchor Chad Douglas.

She was presented the One Class At A Time grant by KHQA and sponsors.

She really has done her research when it comes to the needs of her students.

Which is why she plans to add alternative seating and light filters to make the classroom a more comfortable place to learn.

"I am so excited for this opportunity," says Seals.

Her classroom is made up of a diverse group of kindergartens who all have individual needs.

Like Dylon Reed, who is excited his teacher was chosen. "She is an awesome teacher because she does a lot of teaching".

Evan Keith agrees, "She does a lot of stuff and she makes us smart."

So just like Ms. Seals, whose day ended up being far from normal, believes if she can do it anyone can. "Apply , apply I never knew that I would do it, I just thought it is worth a shot and it totally paid off."

If you would like more information on how to apply please visit .

Angie Seals is a Kindergarten teacher at Highland Elementary School located in Lewistown, Missouri.

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