One Class at a Time: December 2016 - Tracy Marold

Tracy Marold is a fourth grade teacher at Highland Elementary and she likes to keep her students in line.

"Rule number one, raise your hand for persmisson to speak."

But she also likes to have fun.

"Rule number five, keep your dear teacher happy."

Marold was our recipient for December's One Class at a Time initiative.

"I'm Chad from KHQA, and I don't have to say anything look how excited she is! On behalf of ETC ComputerLand, Continental Cement, and Green America Recycling, we are pleasdd to honor you the December grant for One Class at a Time for $1,000 dollars."

Marold plans on upgrading the classroom's tech gear by buying new gadgets the students can put to use.

"With the laptops, the kids are really good at gaming and things. It also helps the students enjoy learning."

This $1,000 grant will help Marold with her rule of thumb - always have fun learning!

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