One Class at a Time: Steve Rylander of Pittsfield High School

Steve Rylander, a PE teacher and special ed teacher from Pittsfield, is the latest recipient of the KHQA One Class at a Time grant.

In our final back to school story of 2018, we head straight back into the classroom, with a twist.

We take you to Pittsfield High School where one teacher's school year is off to the great start.

Steve Rylander holds two jobs at Pittsfield High School. He's a PE teacher, and a Special Education teacher. KHQA surprised him while he was teaching P.E., but the money he'll get from this grant benefits the students in the special education department.

Just down the hallway from the gymnasium is the wood shop. It's quiet now, but when the students are here, it is a busy place. While we were here, the students in Mr. Rylander's shop class were on a field trip.

"The kids are going to be so excited. They enjoy this class, and do a good job with it," said Rylander.

Rylander says he is going to use the $1000 grant to buy shop supplies, like wood, paint, and the necessities to help these students learn skills they will carry with them for life.

"We do pallet furniture...things like that. Our principal, Mrs. Greger, has a wish list, and I take advantage of that.," said Rylander.

Rylander says the biggest joy he gets out of this shop class is the teamwork the students show each other, and to him. He says the older students help the younger ones, and everyone, including he, are patient with each other. He says he offers a little help and guidance to the students, but by and large, they work independently.

"They get their own plans from the internet," said Rylander.

And work until they get a finished product.

Mr. Rylander says he gives a lot of credit to his wife for winning this month's grant.

She says she saw it here on KHQA, and suggested he apply.

If you are a teacher, or know one who could use a $1000 in their classroom, click here.

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