One Class at a Time - August 2017

Traci Mosby is the August 2017 One Class at a Time grant recipient.

It's not everyday, a large check shows up into your child's classroom.

But that's exactly what happened this week in Lewis County.

That's the location for this school year's first One Class at a Time grant.

4th Grader Rylee Hopkins likes to know the answers to a lot of questions. Her favorite subject is reading, but she also likes this...

"Science is something that can help me with my math if I just use it correctly," said Hopkins.

And she's about to get an even bigger lesson in science thanks to our sponsors Continental Cement and Green America Recycling.

The Lewis County School District Curricullum Director, Traci Mosby, plans to put this thousand dollar grant to good use. She already has a field trip planned for some fourth graders at Highland Elementary. They, along with some 4th graders at Blackhawk Elementary in Clark County are going on a STEM day at Culver Stockton College.

"Science is so important. In the last ten years, there's been a loss in science instruction because there's been such an emphaisis on state testing with reading, writing, and math." said Mosby.

Mosby adds Lewis County continues to have science instruction, and says there is more of a focus these days on closing the textbooks, and getting hands on learning. Besides the science learning, the kids will also meet peers from Clark County, and college students.

"These kids are going to have the opportunity to spend a day at a college, and see what it's like. For some of them, it might be the only time they're exposed to the idea and think, "I can go to College." said Mosby.

As part of the STEM day, students will also get the opportunity to Skype with folks from NASA....presumabley able to ask whatever they want.

"What does it feel like to be on the moon?" asked Gavin Sayers

Now that the thousand dollar check is in the hands of Traci Mosby, she can start planning the STEM day.

Thanks again to our sponsors, Continental Cement and Green America Recycling.

To learn more about our One Class at a Time grant, click here.

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